Some time ago or perhaps in the present, when going to buy the precious green elixir, the transaction was or is more or less like this: You arrive at a public place or an alley, a taco stand, a store, any setting that It is provided at the discretion, you go to the supplier or “dealer” gives you a plastic bag, paper, an aluminum or perhaps one of those small bags for “sandwiches” with happy faces or leaves of grass.

You get home and have a good smoke session, maybe you leave the bag on your table or drawer for days, or put it in the refrigerator, or worse still, put your pot in the grinder and grind it to leave it there and have easier access.


Times have changed, now people care about the strains, which, whether indica or sativa, the flavor profile and most importantly, care about quality. If you are one of those who still keep the weed to the “old school,” read these tips to preserve the favorite qualities of your precious buds.


1. Ziploc-type bags.


Whatever you do, get rid of the plastic bag. You can recycle it for other uses or perhaps to transport your weed from one place to another. Still, plastic bags have several disadvantages: although they seem airtight, they are slightly porous, and with the time they wear out, allowing air to enter, they are made with low quality plastic, and this can cause our buds to have traces of contaminants, apart from that they do not protect from light or heat, apart from all they have static, and this causes the trichomes to come off.


Alternative: Buy cannabis pouches and deposit your weed there.


2. Size does matter.


You still have a bit of your endowment left, and you put it in that huge jar; that’s a terrible mistake! Exposure to oxygen slowly breaks down the potency and profile of cannabis. That is why the best way to transport cannabis is in vacuum bags. The longer you keep your buds in an improperly sized container, the more cannabinoid degradation you will experience. Over time, your 25 or 30 percent THC will feel like a 5 or 10 percent strain.


Alternative: Buy or recycle smaller size containers for these cases; the less space is between your buds but without being too tight, the better.


3. The refrigerator option.


An urban myth says that the fridge is a good alternative to maintain the freshness of our weed; after all, it keeps food and vegetables leftovers perfect. But this is one of the worst things you can do. When stored in the refrigerator or freezer, its cocoon runs the risk of developing mold. A scientific phenomenon occurs in the freezer, where moisture moves from within a substance to the outside of a substance. In food, it seems that the freezer burns it. In cannabis, it destroys integrity. As moisture moves out of plant material, it makes the product more susceptible to mold. This is especially true when stored in a refrigerator.


Alternative: If freshness is a concern, invest in a humidor like the one for cigars. These boxes maintain the perfect moisture content at the controlled temperature and avoid mold and cold burns from the fridge in cannabis.


4. The metal box.


There was a time when we just kept everything together in a metal box, our papers, buds, and even old dirty snags and pipes. Doing this only makes everything fill with the unpleasant stench of ash, tar and old potholes. Besides, the metal also leaves traces on our fresh buds and is not a strong barrier against oxygen.


Alternative: Keep everything separately, do not mix different strains in the same container if you want to preserve the terpene profile of each one.


5. The grinder


One of the biggest problems with plastic bags is that our weed is flying all over the place, and they don’t offer any protection; they get squashed, flattened or squeezed in your pocket. A beautiful resinous bud turns into one more piece of plant matter. Excessive handling of cannabis accelerates the loss of trichomes. A fresh flower is covered in beautiful and powerful resin crystals. Crystallized resin is a significant quality aspect. It is very sensitive to handling, and if it is not protected, it easily falls off.

To preserve the integrity of the flower, do not handle the product too much. If possible, keep it in the storage jar until you want to smoke. Only then does it have to be removed for grinding. 

Alternative: Touch the weed only when necessary. Keep it in an airtight glass jar, as we said above.


6. large and bright spaces.


Even the glass jars we mentioned earlier as alternative storage containers aren’t that great if you keep them in the sunlight. Cannabis is like a vampire; Light of any kind doesn’t do you any good.

 Keeping the cannabis in a clear glass jar but in a bright area will not protect it from UV rays. Over time, the rays will destroy the compounds THC, CBD, and terpenes, among others.


Alternative: Place dark brown glass containers or store your clear glass jars in a dark cabinet or drawer.


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