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Coronavirus in Canada: Long Lines To Buy Cannabis For Quarantine

Marijuana for Medical Purposes

Recreational use has been legal in Canada since 2018.

The measures adopted by the Government of Canada to counter the advance of the coronavirus resulted in a surge of customers who flock to stores selling cannabis. Through the consumption of this herb, thousands of Canadian citizens and foreign tourists wait their turn in long queues, with the aim of calming the stress caused by the mandatory quarantine.

The marketing of marijuana – a nervous system depressant drug derived from the cannabis plant – was legalized for recreational use in Canada in October 2018, five years after the enactment of a similar rule by the Uruguayan Parliament.

One of the most popular places for cannabis users is the Québec Cannabis Society, in downtown Montreal, the most important city in the French-speaking province of Quebec. This is where Maureen Duflot got to, on the last flight from Paris before the Canadian borders closed. “With my partner, we decided to quarantine and get the weed and CBD cigarettes for fifteen days. Let’s see how we spent it,” said the 28-year-old French visitor.

For his part, cameraman Michel Benoit explained his position in the midst of the spread of the pandemic: “There are those who panic, others do not take notice. Well, I have decided to come and manage my stress by smoking thc vape cartridge.”

In contrast to the increase in sales recorded in recent days by the Québec Cannabis Society, the company specialized in the production of marijuana Canopy Growth decided to temporarily close its 23 retail branches, due to the “social responsibility of limiting contact between clients We urge people to shop online rather than in stores.

Most of the online cannabis orders in the province of Ontario are monopolized by the Ontario Store firm, which records an increase in sales of between 80 and 100 percent.

A study published by the Washington-based United States National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine warn that smoking marijuana can cause respiratory illnesses, such as bronchitis and chronic cough, in addition to producing phlegm. Its incidence is also probable in the generation of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and schizophrenia.

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