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Cannabis Chocolate Crispy Bites

These Cannabis Chocolate Crispy Bites treats are perfect for on the go or when you have a sweet tooth craving. But they are similar to the Rice Krispies Square treats your mother used to make.

Cannabis Fudge Brownie Bites

These moist, vegan, and medicinal Cannabis Fudge Brownie Bites are delicious. At Hello Ganja, we ask our edible artists to create something perishable, chocolatey, and strong in flavor.

Chong’s Choice Gummies – CBD Infused Gummy Bears [Edible Candy]

Chong's Choice Gummies Contains a total of 100mg of CBD blend. Unlike VAP products, these are not laboratory tested. But these are delicious and fun for those with a sweet tooth! Chong's Choice products were made in association with Diamond CBD.

Gummy Candy

The Gummy candy are soft and come in assorted flavours. They are also coated in sugar just like the gummy candies you get at the convenience store.

Mind Tricks Toffee

Mind Tricks Toffee is a delicious treat that helps people suffering from various ailments ranging from pain to multiple sclerosis. Due to different national and international laws, sellers of cannabis products cannot offer delivery. Online orders are only available for store pickup. All of their stores accept cash, debit or credit as a valid payment method.

Slactavis CBD Cannabis Syrup

Slactavis CBD Cannabis syrup is four liquid ounces of pure pain relief. The product is carried out with pure CBD oil, a concentrated cannabis oil known to have many health benefits. 
  • Fights depression
  • uplifting and energetic
  • cerebral, spacey, or hallucinogenic
  • Pain Relief

Slactavis Syrup For Sale

The cannabis Slactavis Syrup For Sale THC is four fluid ounces of pure pain relief. The particular product is made with pure THC oil, a concentrated weed oil known to have many health blessings.


The Sucker/Lollipop are hard and come in assorted flavours. They are very tasty and are one serving per item. Please wait at least 2 hours for them to begin working and do not consume more than one at a time.

THC / Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum

THC / Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum is the highest % of rum alcohol you will find in USA & Canada. 151% Proof Jamaican rum. Combined with pure THC extract.

THC/Alcohol Brandy

THC/Alcohol Brandy is made from Courvoisier brandy (40 proof) and high grade cannabis all combined together in a 30 day process that make a great tincture with a variety of uses.

THC/Alcohol Tequila

THC/Alcohol Tequila is  made from over proof 100% blue agave tequila and some really great high grade cannabis. Combine together in a 30 day process that makes a great tincture that has a variety of uses.

Trainwreck Strain

Trainwreck Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a spicy, pepper-like flavor. Trainwreck weed provides mood-enhancing and euphoric effects.